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ATS K9 Detection Dog Services

Detection Dog Inspections and Training

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Worldwide Detection Dog Training

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Dog Training Centre

Acclerant Dog and Drug Dog

Niagara’s new Dog Training and Exercise Centre  now open for all of your dog’s needs

1165 Merrittville Hwy,   Welland Ontario

Master Dog Trainer Sid Murray is well know in many organizations for his knowledge of dog training.   Call and make an appointment in our new facility: 905 988 8800

  • Obedience Lessons  – private and group
  • Consultation and assessment on your dog for behavior  issues – aggression issues
  • General problem solving
  • Assessment for tracking and lessons – for competition or man tracking
  • Detection Dog assessment and training – for fun or for work.
  • Workshops and seminars on various subject through out the year.
  • Fire Paw Slat Mill and treadmill for you and your dog.

Inquire about these and other services offered.   No problems is too big or too small that it can’t be solved.




ATS K9 Detection Dog Services
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