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June 10, 11, 12, 2022   3rd annual Human Remains Detection Seminar – Welland Ontario.  Extremely successful workshop.

Check our Workshop and Seminars page for information and registration forms.

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June  18-20, 2021-    Ontario Chapter of Eastern States Working Dog Association –  Human Remains Detection Seminar and Certification – Successful weekend.

August – 7 and 8 th  2021-  Testing and Foundation work  for detection dogs.  See if your dog has the drive for detection work, Drugs, Explosives, and Bed bugs. Certification available if requested with Eastern States Working Dog Association.

Dog Handler Foundation Course – September 13-16  2021. Have you always thought that you would make a good dog handler?  Dog handler are needed more and more in a multitude of fields, the industry is opening up for prospective handlers everywhere.

With so many options available in this field we are putting on a Dog handler foundations course.  This is a 4 day course  and owner and founder of A.T.S. K9, Sid Murray will be helping you discover if dog handling is right for you.   If you are interested in handling working dogs, please contact us for a spot.  Students are limited to 3 people per week to ensure everyone is getting adequate one on one time with Sid. 

Spots available in September, inquire for pricing and particulars. 

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