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Training Equipment | Scent Box

These scent training boxes are constructed from long lasting, durable sheet metal.

Size 9.5″ x 9.5 x 5.5. Great for working your dog vertically or horizontally. Can slide open easily with hand or foot.  They are easily cleaned and wash out without any concern over leaving any residual or spilled odors.  Will not warp.

Uncoated  $65.00 Cdn $ plus shipping.  NEW are powder coating $120.00 Cdn plus shipping.

Scent Box Training

The following article gives detailed instructions on using a scent box to train for increased proficiency and performance.

The scent box is the fastest and best method for teaching odor recognition.  I have used other methods, but the scent box is the easiest and most reliable to correctly teach odor recognition and proper sit response at the source..

The automatic remote control electric popper boxes have a tendency to teach the dog to back away from the source of scent because it fires a ball behind the dog and the dog moves back to catch the toy in midair causing an incorrect response. There are other potential negative reactions when using this device.

Another method of rewarding the dog is manually throwing the toy from behind the dog toward the source of the odor.  This may also cause an improper response as the reward may incorrectly given.  Throwing the toy incorrectly distracts the dog from the odor’s source.   The dog should receive the toy at the source of the odor without seeing where it comes from.

Why the scent box is the simplest solution

The scent box system is simple, easy to use and understand.  Another benefit of using a scent box is that it is a fool proof method to teach the proper sit response at the source of the odor.

The scent box training solution

When you leave the lid open the dog learns the toy in the box, Once the dog has learned the toy is in the box you can close the lid halfway to teach the dog learns to use his nose to open the box and get his toy.

You saw that in the video.

In the beginning of the video we teach the dog to sit on command.  The dog always starts each training session from a sit position.  The next part of the training  sequence is to teach the dog that his reward is always in the box.  Once the dog learns that is toy is in the box he is sent to the box with the lid open to get his toy.

Once the dog consistently goes to the open box and gets his reward we close the lid halfway to restrict his access and teach him to open the box with nose.

With the box lid halfway closed the search command is given and the dog goes to the first scent box.  When the dog begins searching the box and puts his nose into the opening the the sit is given and you slide the box lid with your foot.

With each training session increase the time of the dog sitting at the source of the scent before allowing him get his reward.  The handler learns something too.  The handler learns  to keep moving his feet so the dog ;earns not to be distracted by the motion of the handler’s feet or doesn’t pick interpret the feet not moving as a cue to sit and give a false indication.

When teaching scent recognition you should use 6 to 8 boxes in a training session to show him that not every box has a reward.  Only 1 box contains the scent and the reward.

Once the dog gets the sit response at the source of the scent and is rewarded with your foot opening the box he will be totally focused on the source of the odor while in the sitting position.

From this point of the training and after the dog consistently indicates at source with with a sit response we then add a second reward on top of a box while keeping the dog in a sitting position while staring at the reward.  Then the dog is allowed to get the secondary reward once he is given the command to find.

Having multiple scent boxes will allow you to place the boxes in different parts or positions in a room when training free searches.  After the dog is consistent in his indications and response you can then hide your toy and scent in furniture, drawers. clothing, shoes etc.  It is important that the odor and toy is out of sight and unable for the dog to get.

Why we use metal scent boxes instead of wood

There are several reasons why metal scent training boxes are preferred over wooden boxes.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • No warping.
  • No transfer of residual odors when changing scent to scent.

Sent detection boxes are the easiest way for training.

Training Scent Box
Scent Detection
Training Scent Boxes

Watch this short video that shows how to properly use a scent box for training.

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