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Landmine detection dogs play an important role in returning areas savaged by war into a safe, friendly environment.  In Kosovo he was in charge of the K9 team, leading them to certification and accreditation with the United Nations. He was the first Canadian to be accredited and work with the two dogs he pre-trained in Canada.  From experience gained by working in the minefield with his own dogs, he has used his knowledge to assist in the Training of local deminers with their dogs. All MDD’s were trained for quality assurance and clearance.

Landmine Detection Dogs Assist Demining Efforts

Working with the Canadian International Demining Corp, he helped to establish a training facility for indigenous handlers and dogs as teams.  This facility has been in operation since 1999 and is self-sufficient.

  • Setup of Kennel and training areas
  • Selecting handlers and pairing them with dog
  • Organization of kennel procedures
  • Showing handlers importance of maintenance records and training.
  • Preparations and implementation of SOP’s
  • developing a safe method of clearing boxes that local handler could use with confidence.

Royal Visit Exibitor Pass

By special invitation for the Queen’s Jubilee Tour in October of 2002, Sid and handler Zarko Budincic and his Canine companion, Alex, a Canadian trained and sponsored demining dog, traveled from the minefields of Bosnia for the display. Zarko and Alex were just one of Sid’s graduating students. Canine Alex was sponsored by the Canadian Landmine Foundation along with 3 other dogs, that are working to clear landmines.

Shadow and Kye are Sid’s two dogs he worked with in Kosovo. One of the first Canadians to receive accreditation by the United Nations as MDD handler. After completion of their task,in Kosovo, Kye and Shadow were sent to Halo Trust in Angola with new handlers.


Two of the Students from the Bosnia, Croatia program furthered their career with K9 by serving in Afghanistan.

Excerpts from their  testimonials :  I want to say thank you to my trainer Sid Murray . I would not be where I am today without his guidance. 17 years ago he gave me the courage, support and strength that I need to grab life by the horns and go for the gold in all that I do. Thank you for sticking by me.

Canada's contribution to the Mine Dog Program, Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia

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