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About ATS K9

ATS K9 is Known Internationally as a Leader in the Detection Dog Industry.

ATS K9 Detection Dogs has provided over 25 years of professional detection dog services.

For more than 25 years, ATS K9, owned by Sid Murray has focused on training of certified detection dogs, Explosive, Drugs, Accelerant, Cadaver, Mold and Bed bugs, for various Government agencies, Corporations and Companies throughout North and South America as well as Europe.

  • ATS K9 Drug Detection Dog
    ATS K9 Drug Detection Dog

Graduate of Militiaman Rescue Operations with Canadian Army-57 LAA Regt, Welland

Past OPP auxiliary Officer, Welland, Ontario

Trained many dogs for Police Departments and Customs across United States and Canada and South America for Detection and Patrol.

Assisted on many K9 search warrants

Drug sweeps Federal Penitentiaries across Canada .

Explosive sweeps vehicles at Canadian Borders

Explosive and Drug sweeps of Cargo at Canadian International Airports

Handled and trained Mine Detection dogs in Bosnia, and Croatia. In Kosovo my team  was accredited by United Nations to go to work.

Responsible for the training and placement of Patrol Dogs for CORRECTIONS CANADA, in Kingston Penitentiary  and Western Provinces

Drug sweeps in Federal Penitentiary’s across Canada

Over the years I have trained hundreds of dogs for practical obedience, dogs for Handicap, dogs that have had aggression problems and personal protection for persons being stalked.

Hundreds of drug and explosive sweeps in High Schools in Ontario

Our Drug and Explosive Searches are provided under strict confidentially.

Our sweeps involve checking dorm doors, luggage, common areas and if requested to check each dorm room.

It is an un-intrusive sweep, first keeping in mind the Companies position.

In the Drug sweeps they have been extremely successful in curbing the use of drugs, not only on the actual substance but residue where they were stored.

My accelerant dog is aggressive alert exclusive to Origin and Cause Investigation Company.

Our training in dogs cover Passive and Aggressive alerts, whatever is required by the customer.

We now have two Bed Bug Dogs working as of Aug 2016.

Provide Drug searches for Northern mining companies.

Appeared as a dog training expert on numerous T.V. and Radio talk shows

Recognized as expert witness in court

Acted as Training Director for Shutzhund Clubs of Ontario for 8 years.

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ATS K9 Detection Dog Services
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