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K-9 Pipeline Leak Detection

K-9 Pipeline Leak Detection

K-9 Pipeline Leak Detection courses are now being offered in Canada. Our US partner  Paris Nicholson 111 of K9 Pipeline Training Academy (K9PTA) will teach you all there is to know about Pipeline detection K-9.  Start your own business with this course. Prices are in US Funds.  Course dates to be announced. Contact us for further information.


Developed in Canada by Imperial Oil and Exxon Mobil this leak detection system is appropriate for locating pinhole leaks in problem pipeline sections that other systems cannot locate. It uses a special odorant which engineers infuse into the pipeline at the well head pump station. After an appropriate amount of time calculated on the individual specifications of the tested pipeline, highly trained K9PTA dog teams with acute scent ability track the pipeline along the route and source and identify molecular microcosmic surface scent caused by the leak. Gas chromatography can commonly detect scents that are one part per billion, but K9PTA trained dogs can detect vapor on a molecular level that far exceeds any mechanical bio-detection device.

The United States alone receives over two-thirds of the crude and petroleum products for more than 55 million residential and commercial customers through pipelines in excess of 160,000 miles based on year 2002 Liquid pipeline operator national mileage information. However, the supply of energy has too often been disrupted by local pipeline leaks causing the company to be found at fault resulting in substantial monetary expenditures for environmental remediation, and the assessment of civil and criminal fines, and most important negative media attention.

K-9 Pipeline Training Academy (K9PTA) 101:

Covers all areas of pipeline leak detection to include; chemical make up and combinations, how the chemical works, injection of the chemical into the natural gas and or oil pipelines, DOT requirements for transporting the chemical to job sites, where to purchase the chemical, CDL requirements, advertising in the natural gas and oil industries, billing rates to clients, insurance, listing of your services to the industry, how to work and care for a pipeline leak detection dog, training with a pipeline leak detection dog, how the dog recognizes and indicates on the odorant, and one pipeline leak detection dog for you to return home with. This course is for the person or person who wants to start their own pipeline leak detection business. The course runs for one (1) week for experienced K-9 Handlers or two (2) weeks with no previous K-9 experience. K9PTA 101course price: $9,750.00.

K9PTA 102:

This course includes all areas mentioned in K9PTA 101 with the exception of no pipeline leak detection dog. Price for K9 PTA 102: $7,500.00.
K9PTA 103:

Is for the individual who wants to be certified to work a pipeline leak detection dog and offer their services to previous students. Course covers how to walk a pipeline with a dog, how the dog indicates on the odorant and the care of a working pipeline leak detection dog. K9PTA 103 price is $3,500.00 and runs for one (1) week.

These courses will be conducted near Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada . A fifty (50%) percent NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required for all classes. For K9PTA 101, once the deposit is received course commences no later than four (4) weeks from date of deposit received. All Major credit cards are accepted.

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K-9 Gas Leak Detection

After getting a call from a building owner in New York city about a gas leak that couldn’t be found in his building, I called my colleague of mine Paris Nicholson 111 of K-9 Pipeline Detection and ask if his dogs could remedy the problem with the training that they had.  He sent one of his graduates and in a short time they located the source of the leak.  Job well done.   Dogs can be used to go to the source of a leak, saving time and money.

A contractual agreement is entered into with the student and K-9 Pipeline Training Academy LLC. Provided in your information packet is nearby hotels, rent car agencies, nearest airport and restaurants. If you require any additional information feel free to contact us at 352 552-4855 or via email at or Sid Murray 905 988 8800 or

Paris Nicholson
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