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Passive Alert Detection Dog Training Manual

In the Passive Alert Detection Dog Training Manual, Expert Detection Dog Trainer, Author, Sid Murray explains the exact, step by step process to train passive alert drug detection dogs in the most easy, simple terms which will show you how to select the best dog for the job and receive the best performance.  In training any dog the foundation is the most important part of your work.   This book is trying to emphasize  “Foundation”. It is not rocket science.  The key to success is the selection of the dog.

This book gives an “insider’s look” into the secret training techniques used by a top detection dog trainer, known worldwide for high profile detection dogs. Call ATS K9 905 988 8800 to discuss your detection dog needs.

Here is an interesting collage on the techniques of drug detection dog training by noted Author and detection dog training expert Sid Murray.

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 Detection Dog Training  “It’s Not A Job, It’s A Lifestyle”

Passive Alert Detection Dog Training Manual by Sid Murray

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Detection Dog Training, "It's not a Job, It's a Lifestyle"
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