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Frequently Asked Questions by Customers using our Services

Q.           Are your dogs certified?

A.            They are not only independently certified by American Working Dog Association, training records are up to date, and maintained regularly in house.

Q.            How long do your dogs work?

A.            Our dogs can work for 1 hr. on 1400 lockers and consistently find drugs or explosives.

Q.         Are Drug Dogs hooked on drugs to find drugs.

A.          No they are trained to find substance and are rewarded by their toy.

Q.           What good is a drug dog used in a work area, school or home.

A.            The dog can tell you where the drugs are or have been.

Q.           Is your trainer recognized in court.

A.            He has been called in court as an expert witness many times.

Q.           Do you train your own dogs.

A.            Yes, we have never had anyone supply us with trained dogs.   We have also supplied many companies in Ontario with our trained dogs, ( drugs and bombs).

Q.           Do you train with real substance – drugs and bombs?

A.            Yes, we work with many Police Departments and private organizations that have real substance.

Q.           Are you recognized by any National organization  or Police Department.

A.            Presently Detection dog Certifier by American Working Dog Association of North Carolina.  Past Director for Canine Accelerant Dog Association, CADA.  National organizations have been established in the United States longer than they have been in Canada. Detection dogs are now more popular in Canada than they used to be.

Q.           Other than Drug and Bomb what other detection dogs have you trained.

A.            Many Patrol dogs –Canada and U.S.A.

Owner of the first privately owned  and trained accelerant dog in Canada.

One of two Canadians to work overseas training dogs and handlers to detect Landmines.

First Canadian to work his own landmine detections dogs in the mine fields.  ( My SOP’s accepted by the  UN that I had to walk in the field that my dog cleared)  Who would you trust?

Q.           Do you have a way of checking your Drug and Bomb dog’s indication.

A.            We use Mistral to confirm the indications for the drug dog and have used a portable x-ray machine on containers the bomb dogs have indicated on.

Q.           Have you ever had a problem supplying dogs and handler to customers.

A.            We pride ourselves in being able to have dogs and handlers, proficient, professional and on time.



ATS K9 Detection Dog Services
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