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Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive Detection Dogs  can be called on before an actual threat or for precautionary reasons and for your peace of mind, pre-arranged bomb sweeps of venues prior to important function, or an escalated response to a specific threat.  Our dogs can service whatever you feel you need for peace of mind. Call for more information on our service and what we can offer. All sweeps are conducted with confidentially.

Explosives  Detection Dogs are independently tested and certified by the American Working Dog Association.  The American Working Dog Association (AWDA) is an independent, nationally recognised organisation. Our Explosive dog also has been certified by NAPWDA.

Over the years we have been certified by Canadian Police Departments. We also work with local Police K9 workshops on Domestic odours.

  • Buried Explosive
    Buried Explosive

Venues, Certifications and finds.

Bomb Dog Training

We hand select each bomb dog candidate and train on explosives for a 6 to 8 weeks. The training focuses on 12 industry standard odors. We also include training on several other domestic improvised explosive odors. Once the dog has completed training the handler is brought in for a 7-10 day K9 team integration course.

During this time the handler is taught how to properly interact with the dog based on obedience, scent recognition. New handlers are also taught how to recognize explosive devices and their use.

Conducting explosives detection dog searches are physically and mentally demanding. It is important that the dog and handler are fit for the work. Our rigorous screening process requires the dogs to be clear of physical and psychological defects. To make sure that your K9 team is a top performer we recommend our clients use similar selection when choosing a handler.

Using this 2 part training process we are able to deliver a ready for certification detection dog faster without distraction. Integrating the handler once the dog has complete training is a smoother process and offers our clients a tremendous saving of time and cost.

List of Explosives

  • C-4
  • RDX
  • PETN
  • Commercial Dynamite (ammonium nitrate)
  • Potassium Chlorate and I
  • Sodium Chlorate H
  • Black Powder
  • Smokeless Powder
  • TNT
  • Water Gel Explosive
  • Detonation Cord
  • Flex-X (C-6)

Additional Domestic Improvised Explosive Agents

TATP – Triacetone

HMTD – Hexamethylene

Explosives Detection Dogs Experience

Our explosive dogs have worked for City Police Departments explosive units, US and Canada, Bomb threats in local Secondary Schools, Court Houses, Cargo destined for other countries, Canada Customs suspected terrorist vehicle at Canadian border, Nuclear Hydro facilities U.S. and Canada, Shareholders meetings, High Profile Religious leaders and Entertainers, and many more. Names of such clients cannot be mentioned because of confidentiality agreements.

For more information on Explosives Detection dogs or to discus your project needs call our office

ATS K9 Detection Dog Services
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