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ATS K9 Detection Dog Services

Detection Dog Inspections and Training

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Detection Dog Services

Detection Dog Services

Our Detection Dog Services are Confidential and can be available through the use of our charter air service.  ATS K9 is able to provide rapid deployment of detection dog teams to customers in many distant locations outside the Ontario Province.

Our response time depends largely on your need and your location. ATS K9 has been training sniffer dogs for more than 25 years for specific client needs and high profile tasks.

Rapid Response Detection Dog Service to Distant Locations

Seminars on Detection training methods, problem solving, and tracking. All training start with the basic foundation. Learn the fast and easy approach.

The services we offer include the following:

  • Confidential Drug Detection Searches
  • Confidential Explosive Detection Searches
  • Accelerant Detection Searches exclusively through Origin-and-Cause Inc. Ancaster Ontario
  • Accelerant dog training
  • Drug dog training
  • Explosives dog training
  • Canadian Certifier for American Working Dog Association

American Working Dog Association

  • Toluca Mexico Detection Dog Seminar
    Toluca Mexico Detection Dog Seminar

Training a detection dog can run between 10 to 14 weeks depending on the type (drugs, explosives, accelerants, etc.) After the dog is fully trained and ready for certification then the handler completes a 10 day handler training course after which time the handler can test for certification in training.

*** Note *** Our certification is done by a recognized, 3rd party certification facility in order to provide our clients with an objective analysis of our products and services. We do not certify our own dogs.

ATS K9 Detection Dog Services
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