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Detection Dog Myth BustersOne of the most popular detection dog myths is that the dog is working to get the ball and not to find the odor.  This myth got its start because most detection dogs are chosen because of their high drive with the ball.  The same myth is retold for dogs that have a high drive to work for a piece of food.

Detection dog expert Sid Murray

Sid Murray is an internationally known detection dog expert.  He is known for his work in Eastern Europe, Kosovo and North and South America.  Murray is also a published author of 2 dog training manuals which can be found on Amazon.

He has been training detection dogs for most of his adult life.  He is the founder and owner of ATS K9, Toronto, Canada.  In this training video we are going to bust the myth by showing a detection dog working while disregarding distractions and working only to find the odor.


Distraction testing video

if you notice this dog totally ignores the balls on the ground and the food place in the boxes.  This dog demonstrates that he is totally focused on finding the orders.  In this case, this dog is an explosives detection dog also known as a bomb detection dog.

At the end of the video you can see the dog working to locate a very small scent cone of an explosive odor that was just placed as a hide.  The short length of time as well as the air currents flowing from an open doorway increases the difficulty of the search.

If this were an actual search the doors and windows would be closed as well as heating and air-conditioning units turned off and a wait time of 30 to 45 minutes would be in place if possible.  This would allow the air currents to settle and odor to build before performing the search.

The focus of this video is to show that even a ball or food driven dog will ignore those distractions and continue to solve complex problems and locate the source of the odor.

Please comment below and ask any questions you may have regarding detection dog training.

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