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ATS K9 Detection Dog Services

Detection Dog Inspections and Training

K9 Inspections - Drug, Explosive and Bed Bugs


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Basic Handler Course

Certificate of attendance and participation given on completion.

Duration: 1 week  $1,000.00

Classroom – Theory and Methodology
  • Motivation and Methodology – We teach you how to gain the best performance from you and your dog.
  • Problem Solving – We show you how to solve problems as they happen to keep your dog operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Detection Dog Practices – drug sniffing, explosives detection, human remains recovery, bedbugs and accelerant detection.
  • Basic obedience – on leash
  • Basic imprint techniques that boost the dog’s ability to locate the source.


K9 Detection Course

If you have handler experience or have completed the basic course you can advance to the detection course.

Duration: 3 weeks  $1,000 + HST per week.


  • K9 Emergency First Aid
  • Dog theory for work
  • Advanced search pattern techniques – indoor and outdoor search patterns.
  • Documentation – Record keeping.
  • Some knowledge of either Narcotic or Explosive, Human remains, bed bugs.

Detection Phase:

Selection of a detection dog.

In this phase you will take the basic trainers course on training a detection dog.

This section will follow  my book “Passive Alert Detection  Dog Training”


You and your dog will work with leading detection dog expert Sid Murray to get insider secrets that will help make you and dog top performers in the field.


Are you and your dog ready to be certified or is it time for re-certification?  Drug, Explosive, Bed Bugs, Human Remains, Accellerant, Tracking.

American Working Dog Association , is an internationally recognized independent K9 certification organization known for having one of the highest standards in the industry.

Our Instructors

  • Bob-Wright
    Explosive detection work with K9

Sid Murray: Founder and Owner of A.T.S. K9 and Master Trainer of American Working  Dog, has spent more than 30 yrs. as an innovator in the detection dog industry.  Over the years A.T.S. K9 has supplied many trained and untrained police dogs to numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada.





Registration and further information

Accommodations can be reserved at:

AirBNB  in nearby Welland, Ontario: pet friendly.

Email Barbara Bartholomew at  for more information and to book.
Rooms have been blocked for the seminar so mention A.T.S. K9 or Sid Murray.

Have you gone to workshops where the instructor gives you all kinds of information, and never found out whether it would suit you and your dog? That will not happen here. You will totally understand what works for you and your dog. If your dog is trained and you are looking for certification, we can provide under American Working Dog Association membership and guidelines.

One of the main reasons for a Detection seminar is to have Canadians realize the value of detection dogs, used in Law enforcement, Search and Rescue, and the private sector.
In the United States, in the smallest State they have 1000 working dogs.
Across Canada with RCMP, Customs, City and Regional Police, OPP and QPP, Agriculture , Conservation, Fire departments and private organizations, Corrections, there are about 800 working dogs.
In every country of the world they have recognized the value of the working canine, hopefully a seminar like this will help Canadians recognize the value of the canine as well.

Please contact for hotel and pricing information. 1-905-988-8800 or email at

ATS K9 Detection Dog Services
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