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Choosing the right detection dogs for the job

the right detection dogs for the jobDetection dogs are a highly valuable tool that requires careful selection. There are many things to consider.  Previously many police dog trainers preferred independent, Impressive looking dogs with high drive to receive their reward.  Most of the dogs chosen at that time were from the working and hurting breeds. Traditionally these breeds are a harder mouthed dog and prone to an aggressive indication.  An aggressive indication means that the dog works for himself in that his satisfaction is derived by satisfying his own desires.  An example would be that the dog’s total focus is on receiving his toy and playing with it regardless of you.  It does not mean that the dog is aggressive toward the handler..

Detection Dogs Effective PR Tool

As time moved forward , many police departments sought a softer, friendlier look for their departments and their canines.  While dogs such as the German Shepherd and other working breeds still play an active part as patrol dogs in areas such as drug interdiction the lock has softened.

Now it is common to see what is considered a more friendly face of law enforcement is one of the sporting dog breeds.  Labradors and spaniels are now dominating the image of the detection dog in the interacting with the community.  This new image has been quite effective changing the way the public views the police and their dogs.

The public’s apprehension and fear when encountering a police dog has been steadily on the decline.  Where they once saw a fierce protector, they are now saying the family-friendly man’s best friend.

Rising Trend Toward Passive Indications

Sporting dogs with their friendly dispositions have not only changed the way they are seen in the community, but they had changed the preferred method of indications from aggressive to passive.

Sporting dogs have a softer disposition. They have similar high drives and determination to see a task through to the end. However, their focus is not on pleasing themselves.

When we think of a Labrador or any of the sporting dogs we think of dogs that are more of a team player. That means they are interested in working with you and for you. In the field, spaniels and retrievers locate game and bring it back to you. These are dogs that work to please their handlers.

These characteristics make them a more popular choice when selecting detection dogs for drug and explosive detection in military and law enforcement applications.

Sporting dogs are also gaining popularity in private industry for use in detecting cancer, diabetes, and in the past control industry to find and locate bedbugs and termites.

These dogs with their high drive, focus and dedication makes them effective workers in the detection dog industry.

In the video below you will see master dog trainer, Sid Murray, founder of ATS K9 demonstrating the 2 different types of alerts, passive and aggressive indications.  Mr. Murray has been training detection dogs for more than 25 years.  His company ATS K9 has been providing detection dog services around the globe.

For more information, contact Sid Murray, ATS K9 at 905-988-8800.  ATS K9 is located near Toronto, Canada, frequently it offers seminars and workshops in the Niagara area.  Detection dogs are their only business.

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