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Bomb Detection Dogs Help Keep You Safe

Bomb Detection Dogs Help Keep You SafeThe sale of bomb detection dogs is rising rapidly due to the increase in terrorist attacks and the concern for public safety.  According to the Pentagon and the TSA, the surge in violent terrorist attacks in cities such as Paris and Belgium is a trend causing bomb detection dogs to be in short supply.
Although terrorist attacks on US soil has had declined since 2001, there have been more than 20,000 terrorist acts worldwide since 9/11.  Tens of thousands of individuals have been killed or injured during that time and that number is soaring.

Bomb Detection Dog Training

Bomb detection dogs undergo an intense amount of training.  The training begins by choosing a number of candidates and progresses through the selection processes starting with a complete battery of tests.
Dogs are evaluated both physically and mentally for stability and suitability for the tasks required of an explosives detection dog.  This health check is more than a routine exam.  It includes x-rays and blood work before moving to the next step.

Basic Training

In basic EDD training the new recruits are taught a light obedience course.  The commands taught are sit, stay, come and heel.  This is not a formal type obedience, but rather taught with motivation and play and does not include rigid competition style obedience exercises.
Then the dogs are introduced to scent work.  In this phase the dog is initially introduced to a single odor and taught to focus on that particular odor while avoiding different distractions.  The complete training program for a bomb detection dog may last 12 to 14 weeks.

Bomb Detection Dog Breeds

Bomb detection dogs come in all different sizes, colors and breeds.  You can find a suitable explosives dog candidate in many of the working, hurting and sporting dog breeds.  Some of the most popular dogs selected for explosives work are retrievers and spaniels.
These dogs have a more positive public relations image and appear less intimidating to the public while working in crowded spaces such as airports.

Bomb Detection Dog Facts

  1. Dogs are considered the most effective explosives detectors. After extensive government testing, no machines or mechanical devices can match the effectiveness of the and explosives detection dog.
  2. Trained canines can work up to 4 times faster with a much greater accuracy than their human counterparts.
  3. Detection dogs are able to analyze and recognize a specific scent even when masked or mixed with another odor.
  4. Soldiers in Iraq controlling with explosives detection dogs were able to locate 80 percent of all hidden explosive devices.
  5. Having trained bomb detection dogs at events gives the people a sense of security and gives cause to attackers to abandon their plans for fear of getting caught. This is also an excellent way to increase public relations and present a proactive image.

Bomb Detection Dogs for Sale

ATS K9 has been in the detection dog business for over 25 years.  Founded by Sid Murray of Toronto, Canada, ATS K9 has been providing some of the finest explosives detection dogs around the world.
Mr. Murray has trained landmine detection dogs to work in minefields of Kosovo.  He has also sold and trained bomb detection dogs to airport security in their quest to make air travel more safe.
Sid Murray may be reached by calling ATS K9 at 905-988-8800
You can visit ATS K9 by going here.

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