ATS K9 Detection Dog Services

Our K9 Detection dog services have set standards in the detection dog industry for over 25 years.

Detection Dogs provided by ATS K9 to Police Departments, Private Security agencies and High Profile Corporations for more than 25 years.  We offer certified detection teams for drug, explosive and accelerant detection for private and confidential Searches.

ATS K9 is the company that can service your detection dog needs.


  • Landmine Detection
    Landmine Detection Dogs working in Kosovo


Detection Dogs are our Only Business

Detection dogs are an essential tool that is used by Private Industry and Police Departments and Military, to aid and help increase the safety in our workplace, our schools and our homes. The K9 is a valuable asset to any business.

ATS K9 is the first and only privately owned Canadian training facility to have a successful track record in all detection dog disciplines.

Detection Dog Certification

Our trained detection dogs are sold as “certification ready.” Each dog has been trained to exacting certification standards for his expertise, however each dog and handler must qualify as a team in order to become certified. It is important that your dog is certified by a highly recognized testing authority.

We highly recommend the American Working Dog Association as your choice for detection dog certification. AWDA Certification like any other certifying body is only good for One year.

Sid is the Canadian Representative for American Working Dog Association.

Sid Murray is well known throughout the world as a master dog trainer, detection dog expert and published author, who has been responsible for effectively training hundreds of detection dogs and handlers in the areas of Security Patrol for Security Companies, Penal Institutions. Sid Murray has also selected, trained and deployed Tactical K9 teams for Corrections Canada in Ontario and Western Canada, Police Departments in Canada and the United States as well as the training and implementation of sniffing dogs for Drug Detection, Explosive Detection, Accelerant Detection.

Get your copy of Sid Murray’s book Passive Alert Detection Dog Training or the Bomb Training Manual here.


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